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What is FastFlood?

The fastflood model is a super-fast flood simulation tool. The method employs several unique algorithms to get over 97% accuracy compared to traditiona modelling, 1500 times faster. Developed originally in 2021, and expended and improved in the past years, the method is now available as a web-based model. Available for free, without download or account required. You can use the tool to automatically download the relevant data from (lower quality) global datasets, or upload your own data. The simulation app features mitigation design, coastal and fluvial boundary conditions, precipitation scenario's, infiltration and more. At this moment, the tool is in beta, and it is not meant as a replacement for full food simulation methods. Calibration and validation is a strict requirement for valid application of the model. We do not make any guarantees, but please contact us if you are interested in validation, setup or consultancy for your area of study. In the meantime, we are rapidly moving into the direction of operation-ready technology and hope you find the website usefull. Fastflood might be the ideal tool for enabled informed discussions, mitigation sketching, rapid assessment in constrained environments, data preparation and initial studies.

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Up to 1500 times faster than modern full depth-averaged flood models.

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